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Why Us?

There are many excellent companies that build websites.

The tools of our trade have made this process fun, but they have also made it so much easier for people who “don’t know much” to build a site that looks good.

We know that there is much more to a site then how it looks and whether it works when you go from page to page. We know that most people want a site because they intend to sell a product or two, or communicate an idea, or draw people to what they offer so that they will utilize their services.

In other words, you want a website that works for you. Sites are tools. They rarely serve as the end – but rather the means to the end.

As you know there are many types of tools, some are simple and some are very complex. What they all have in common is that there is a way for them to be used, and if not used properly, they will not do the job they were designed to do.

This is where Design Media Pros comes in. We do not just hand over a tool and say figure it out, use it wisely and then go on our way to the next tool building opportunity.

building-web-presenceWe seek to be a complete service company for you. Not just start to finish on the building of the tool, but the operation of that tool as well. In fact, we also are here to help you work with the results of what the tool builds.

Let’s leave the analogy and be more specific.

When you have a site, you want people to see it. Just building it will not make that happen. Unless you have something so unique that no one else has anything similar to compete with in search terms, you are not likely to get many visitors without good SEO efforts made by you or on your behalf. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of getting your site listed on a search engine when someone types in the words or phrase that SHOULD bring your site up in front of them.

When helping you build your site we discuss SEO with you and what needs to be done initially to help that process work for you. But SEO isn’t a one time effort does it all process. Things change: the competitors efforts change; Google changes its ranking system; you have new content to promote; etc. If you don’t keep SEO as an ongoing effort, you will not see a steady stream of visitors to your site.

However, there is more to building a successful website than doing SEO. A HUGE part of a site is how you gather information about the visitor and how you follow up with them. One of the tools we offer is a system that allows you to monitor all potential leads/clients to your site. We help you monitor activity and interests and develop a ranking system for best prospects.

The point is that we believe in helping you make a success out of your website. We believe that helping you succeed is the best way to build our own success. Happy customers share their story. We want to be a part of your success.